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"Todah Rabah - a List of Thank-Yous" - Kol Ami newsletter 3-23-2021

03/23/2021 05:30:23 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

A Midrash on this week’s Torah portion explains that in Messianic times, when prayers will no longer be necessary, we willRead more...

"Reimagining Our Everyday" - Kol Ami newsletter 3-16-2021

03/16/2021 05:30:11 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Whatever the timeline is to get past the pandemic — a year and counting of living a not-normal life — there are definiteRead more...

"Music to My Ears" - Kol Ami Newsletter 3-9-2021

03/09/2021 05:30:23 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

The American Jazz Museum presented a wonderful concert this past week — jazz saxophonist Tia Fuller, who not only is a woRead more...

"Is Just Surviving Enough?" - Kol Ami Newsletter 3-2-2021

03/02/2021 05:30:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Our Purim celebration this past week presented an opportunity to ponder how we effect positive change, how we change our woRead more...

The Gifts of Purim, and 50 Years On - Kol Ami Newsletter 2-23-2021

02/23/2021 05:30:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

During this past week, the 50th anniversary of my bar mitzvah occurred (you are welcome to do the math on your own). While IRead more...

"Healing Ourselves and Our World" - Kol Ami newsletter 2-16-2021

02/16/2021 05:30:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

On a frigid, arctic winter day, some disparate thoughts that may somehow connect into a coherent whole. 

First, as I watch

"Show Up, Listen and Support" - Kol Ami Newsletter 2-9-2021

02/09/2021 05:30:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

During this month, Black History Month, my thoughts go back to my days as the director of the Kansas City Jazz Commission. JRead more...

"When to Resist, When to Unite" - Kol Ami Newsletter 2-2-2021

02/02/2021 05:30:24 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

In the past week, I participated in two events with seemingly conflicting intent. The Kansas Leadership Center presented a pRead more...

"Closer to the Dream for Peace" - Kol Ami Newsletter 1-26-2021

01/26/2021 05:28:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

For many, the past week brought a sense of relief. The oft-asked question was whether we should feel relief, whether we shouRead more...

"Seeking Out Voices" - Kol Ami Newsletter 1-19-2021

01/19/2021 05:30:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I am using my weekly blog to announce an exciting opportunity that, at first blush, would seem to be a “me” opportunity Read more...

"The Strength of Our Diversity" - Kol Ami Newsletter 1-12-2021

01/12/2021 05:15:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I usually try and stay understated about the flurry of events that transpire in any given week. My sense has been to give tRead more...

"Virtually Together" - Kol Ami Newsletter 1-5-2021

01/05/2021 05:15:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As a small, tightknit congregation, we have the opportunity for greater connection. Even amidst a pandemic, we have found waRead more...
Sat, June 19 2021 9 Tammuz 5781