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"How We Confront Evil" - Kol Ami newsletter 3-15-2022

03/15/2022 06:01:35 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This week we celebrate Purim. For me, Purim always brings on mixed emotions. In essence, we are celebrating a victory, albeiRead more...

Better Together - Kol Ami newsletter 3-8-2022

03/08/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past week felt like a good week for connecting. A meeting a week ago Monday in Washington, D.C. (Faith in Action - NatiRead more...

Fighting for Democracy - Kol Ami newsletter 3-1-2022

03/01/2022 06:01:51 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

My thoughts — like so many others’ this past week — have turned to the people of Ukraine. Watching a war take place inRead more...

Finding Inspiration in Art - Kol Ami newsletter 2-22-2022

02/22/2022 06:01:20 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I recently realized that it had been some time since I had been to a gallery or museum.  Given that my son Isaac works in aRead more...

Being Broadly Inclusive - Kol Ami newsletter 2-15-2022

02/15/2022 06:01:05 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I had the extraordinary experience of moderating a discussion with artist/author/activist Riva Lehrer about her book Golem Read more...

Having Our Stories Heard - Kol Ami newsletter 2-8-2022

02/08/2022 06:01:52 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past week, a Tennessee school board banned Art Spiegelman’s seminal novel on the Holocaust, Maus. This is just one ofRead more...

"Changing the Narrative" - Kol Ami newsletter 2-1-2022

02/01/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I recently was on a call co-led by two organizations — T’ruah: the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights and J Street, an organRead more...

"A Needed Break" - Kol Ami newsletter 1-25-2022

01/25/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

So I just finished watching the Chiefs come out victorious over the Bills — arguably as exciting a sporting event as you wRead more...

Holding On to What Is Good - Kol Ami newsletter 1-18-2022

01/18/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

There are times when a confluence of conflicting events leaves us in a state of emotional limbo, if not turmoil. This past wRead more...

Why Do We Pray? - Kol Ami newsletter 1-11-2022

01/11/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

It is an integral part of the Jewish journey to connect with our past and to honor those upon whose shoulders we stand. At tRead more...

Jewish Renewal - Kol Ami newsletter 1-4-2022

01/04/2022 06:01:05 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

With the start of a secular new year, the usual new year’s resolution discussion is pervasive. Pervasive though it may be,Read more...

"Looking Toward the Future" - Kol Ami newsletter 12-28-2021

12/28/2021 06:01:05 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past week, we began a new book of the Torah — the Book of Shemot, or Exodus. I always get a sense of renewed excitemeRead more...
Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782