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Updates On COVID-19 (aka coronavirus)- Click here to read the latest from our Rabbi regarding virtual worship sessions to keep our safety and our faith in these trying times.

Rabbi's Week In Review- June 30, 2020

06/30/2020 01:41:27 PM


I had the opportunity to attend (and, as it turned out, speak at) a rally in support of Black employees at the Veterans Administration Hospital here in Kansas City. This was a midday rally, nowhere near the Plaza, and thus not as well attended as the many rallies in support of Black Lives Matter at Mill Creek Park on the Plaza.

Yet, it held great meaning and purpose. A widespread arousal of righteous outrage has...Read more...

Rabbi's Week In Review- June 23, 2020

06/23/2020 12:24:49 AM


I have had one of those weeks. Time seemed to blend together into one amorphous blob.  Hard to say whether or not I was feeling sluggish or the week itself seemed sluggish. Maybe it is the isolation attendant to COVID-19.

There were two events that broke through the haze, and brought about a refreshing and reaffirming sense of connection and community. Early in the week, I participated in an annual board...Read more...

Rabbi's Week In Review- June 15, 2020

06/15/2020 08:54:01 PM


I faced a health challenge this past week. It was in no way life-threatening, thank G-d. But the kidney stone (I am up to around 10, my first occurring in my late 20s) caused excruciating pain when it first came on, and for the next four days caused enough pain to justify taking some fairly strong pain medication.

I don’t mention this to garner sympathy. I am no longer feeling any discomfort, although, as far as...Read more...

“Unorthodox” — the Haredi Communities in the Time of COVID-19

06/10/2020 02:48:12 PM



One obvious outgrowth of COVID-19 and the ensuing stay-at-home orders is the proliferation of binge-watching — discovering television series on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. For the Jewish community (if not beyond), the mini-series “Unorthodox,” based on the autobiographical book written by Deborah Feldman, has caught quite a buzz. And our Congregation Kol Ami book club recently took on...Read more...

Rabbi's Week In Review- June 2, 2020

06/02/2020 10:47:43 AM


I had hoped this week to give a more lighthearted look at our own Jewish community via the ongoing discussion within our Kol Ami family on the book and series Unorthodox. Instead, the tragic killing of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer has occupied most of my time this past week and compels a response.

First, foremost and unfortunately, this is not a new or even unusual occurrence. We now...Read more...

Rabbi's Week In Review- May 26, 2020

05/25/2020 07:40:35 PM


Throughout our history, Jews have had to confront our theological existential crisis. Plainly put, how do we find G-d at times when G-d seems hidden? At present, the question becomes one of how (or even if) we call to G-d during a pandemic. For those of us in the rabbinate, and really all clergy, the issue becomes: How do we justify to rightful skeptics in our congregations why we would even suggest that calling out to G-d is a...Read more...

Rabbi's Week In Review- May 19, 2020

05/19/2020 06:46:05 PM


On Monday morning, NPR’s Morning Edition ran a heartwarming story. Israel, as a means of quarantining, has opened up “coronavirus hotels.” Most of these hotels have essentially been divided by like people — i.e., ultra-Orthodox Jews with other ultra-Orthodox Jews.  

However, early on, one of these coronavirus hotels was filled by a much more diverse group.  Ultra-Orthodox Jews, along with...Read more...

Rabbi's Week In Review- May 13

05/13/2020 01:58:12 PM


In a time when questions of life and death have taken on a greater sense of immediacy, last week was one in which these issues were most prevalent. The week began with a funeral, not one that was unexpected (and which had nothing to do with COVID-19). In this difficult time, I wondered if and how the community could sufficiently honor the memory of this extraordinary woman who died, one who gave so much to family, friends and community. Embedded in that desire was and is the need to support the family, those who most directly were mourning the loss.Read more...

The first "Rabbi's Week In Review Blog"

05/06/2020 12:34:35 PM


Rabbi Doug Alpert

This is my first post in this new blog for our Congregation Kol Ami-KC newsletter.  While there comes with this blog an expectation that there will be a strong emphasis on the social-justice pursuits of Kol Ami (and this rabbi), I see it as an opportunity to reflect on how we come together as a unique Jewish community — one of compassion and care, one of meaning and purpose.

I do want to talk about our...

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