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"A Simple Message: VOTE" - Kol Ami Newsletter 10/27/2020

10/27/2020 07:54:22 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

We (finally!) reach November 3, and hopefully clear through some of the craziness and acrimony that havRead more...

"The Tree of Knowledge and QAnon"- Kol Ami Newsletter: 10/20/2020

10/20/2020 08:00:23 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Last week, we read in our Torah about the Tree of Knowledge. While the common assumption and/or interpretation is that Adam Read more...

"No one right way to be a family"- Kol Ami Newsletter 10-13-2020

10/13/2020 07:01:23 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Fay and I had special joy this week to be part of the wedding of my son, Solomon, and a member of the Kol Ami family, Lisa. Read more...

"In Gratitude"- Kol Ami Newsletter 10-07-2020

10/07/2020 09:14:40 AM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I have often said that of all the categories of prayer, my favorite is gratitude. As it states in Midrash, Vayikra Rabbah, iRead more...

"How Come?"- Kol Ami Newsletter 09-30-2020

09/30/2020 05:05:38 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

The beauty of the Jewish calendar is the way in which it flows from an emotional perspective.  Having completed the difficuRead more...

Honoring the memory of RBG- Kol Ami Newsletter 09-23-2020

09/23/2020 05:51:22 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This Rosh Hashanah began with the sad news of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  There is an understanding that thoRead more...

"Take Heart in the Possibility of the New"- Kol Ami Newsletter Sept. 15, 2020

09/15/2020 05:20:37 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As we approach Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we engage in the difficult work of Cheshbon HaNefesh, an accounting of our soulRead more...

Vacations and turning fear into hope- Kol Ami Newsletter: 09/01/2020

09/01/2020 12:33:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As I write this week, I am in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, gracious friends having given Fay and me use of their mountaiRead more...

Who let the dogs out?- Kol Ami Newsletter 8-26-2020

08/26/2020 09:06:37 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past Shabbos, we explored how our individual character traits impact the work we do in helping others, the strangers inRead more...

"In Pursuit of Absolute Justice"- Kol Ami Newsletter- August 18, 2020

08/19/2020 07:09:38 AM


Rabbi's Week in Review

The Kansas City Jewish community faced a horrific tragedy last week with the death of Stacey Bell, of blessed memory. Her tiRead more...

The Art of Intention- Kol Ami Weekly Newsletter 8-11-2020

08/11/2020 12:30:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past week, those of us who are regulars for weekday-morning prayer and study held a celebration. We, along with a signiRead more...

Cold soups for a hot summer- Kol Ami Newsletter August 4, 2020

08/04/2020 12:00:22 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Last Wednesday night and Thursday, we observed the most solemn day of the Jewish calendar — Tisha B’Av, the ninth day ofRead more...
Fri, October 30 2020 12 Cheshvan 5781