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"A Different Kind of Synagogue Experience" - Kol Ami newsletter 5-17-2022

05/17/2022 07:01:21 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

We had a truly wonderful Shabbat celebration this past Friday night with our kids, supported by our adult members. Thanks toRead more...

Having a Voice - Kol Ami newsletter 5-10-2022

05/10/2022 06:45:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past Shabbat, we held a special service to celebrate the first anniversary of Ga’avah KC, Kansas City’s Jewish LGBTRead more...

"Into the Future" - Kol Ami newsletter 5-3-2022

05/03/2022 06:05:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Over the weekend, Fay and I attended a wonderful benefit for the American Jazz Museum. The success of the event represented Read more...

"In a New Light" - Kol Ami newsletter 4-26-2022

04/26/2022 07:05:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

After the Passover celebration, I am still in a Pesach frame of mind. While always ready to get back to my everyday diet byRead more...

The Greater Good - Kol Ami newsletter 4-19-2022

04/19/2022 07:15:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

At our Congregation Kol Ami Passover seder, we discussed a theme for the holiday expressed by the Talmudic sage Shmuel. ShmuRead more...

"A zissen Pesach" - Kol Ami newsletter 4-12-2022

04/12/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As we approach our Passover celebration in this year 5782, and as we celebrate our own freedom and redemption from persecutiRead more...

"How We Engage in the World" - Kol Ami newsletter 4-5-2022

04/05/2022 06:01:21 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As we are in the midst of preparation for our Pesach/Passover observance (mostly about the food, but also a good spring cleaRead more...

Approaching the Moment - Kol Ami newsletter 3-29-2022

03/29/2022 08:31:05 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I periodically write D’vrei Torah, words of Torah regarding the weekly Torah portion, for my seminary, Academy for JewishRead more...

"Week In and Week Out" - Kol Ami Newsletter 3-22-2022

03/22/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite forms of prayer are prayers of gratitude. (The other categories being prayRead more...

"How We Confront Evil" - Kol Ami newsletter 3-15-2022

03/15/2022 06:01:35 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This week we celebrate Purim. For me, Purim always brings on mixed emotions. In essence, we are celebrating a victory, albeiRead more...

Better Together - Kol Ami newsletter 3-8-2022

03/08/2022 06:01:06 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past week felt like a good week for connecting. A meeting a week ago Monday in Washington, D.C. (Faith in Action - NatiRead more...

Fighting for Democracy - Kol Ami newsletter 3-1-2022

03/01/2022 06:01:51 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

My thoughts — like so many others’ this past week — have turned to the people of Ukraine. Watching a war take place inRead more...
Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyyar 5782