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"The Strength of Our Diversity" - Kol Ami Newsletter 1-12-2021

01/12/2021 05:15:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I usually try and stay understated about the flurry of events that transpire in any given week. My sense has been to give tRead more...

"Virtually Together" - Kol Ami Newsletter 1-5-2021

01/05/2021 05:15:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As a small, tightknit congregation, we have the opportunity for greater connection. Even amidst a pandemic, we have found waRead more...

"Stars in the Night" - Kol Ami Newsletter 12-29-2020

12/29/2020 05:01:52 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Last Sunday at our December Family Experience, our co-leaders, Erica Clinton and Cheryl Gates, presented a program in which Read more...

"Sharing Differences" - Kol Ami newsletter 12-22-2020

12/22/2020 05:03:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As we wrapped up our celebration of Hanukkah for 5781, I made the casual observation that there seemed to be a greater awareneRead more...

"Sources of Light" - Kol Ami newsletter 12-15-2020

12/15/2020 06:45:22 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

Amid the challenges and darkness of a pandemic, and the ongoing threats to our democracy, we got a bit of welcome light thisRead more...

"The Ways We Connect" - Kol Ami Newsletter 12-08-2020

12/08/2020 05:30:07 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

As Jews, we connect in two ways, and we can characterize these forms of connectedness as horizontal and vertical. 
Our h

"A More Hopeful Future" - Kol Ami Newsletter 12/01/2020

12/01/2020 05:30:23 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I got some much needed time away this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with some close family (read: family within our alreadyRead more...

"Our Better Angels" - Kol Ami Newsletter 11-24-2020

11/24/2020 05:30:22 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This past week in our Shabbat-morning study, we embarked on a discussion about the role of angels in Judaism. As a text for Read more...

"Changing Minds and Hearts" - Kol Ami Newsletter 11-17-2020

11/17/2020 05:30:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

My seminary, the Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR — the one in NYC, not LA),
held its annual fall retreat last week. It is

"Keeping calm ... and then carrying on" - Kol Ami newsletter 11-10-2020

11/10/2020 06:00:53 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

This may be getting redundant (I think it was last week that I was talking about emotional stress), but I cannot remember a Read more...

"Feeling the Stress" - Kol Ami Newsletter 11/3/2020

11/03/2020 04:05:08 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review

I am feeling the stress.  As I write this two days before the election, I am taking to heart what any number of pundits haRead more...

"A Simple Message: VOTE" - Kol Ami Newsletter 10/27/2020

10/27/2020 07:54:22 PM


Rabbi's Week in Review​​​​​​​We (finally!) reach November 3, and hopefully clear through some of the craziness and acrimony that havRead more...
Mon, January 18 2021 5 Shevat 5781