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Rabbi's Week In Review- July 21, 2020

07/21/2020 06:35:50 PM



I am not sure if I am facing writer’s block or pandemic malaise, but the words do not seem to be pouring out this week. It is not as if there haven’t been plenty of ups and downs to latch on to in coming up with blog material.

The downside is all over the news and in what we witness for ourselves. The rate of COVID-19 infection and death continues to climb, unabated by any discernible national strategy. Secret federal law enforcement invades the streets of Portland, Oregon, denying protesters both their First Amendment rights and their right to due process. Violence is increasing by an alarming amount.

Yet we have an opportunity for moments of gladness and joy. A Bris celebrates new life in the world and in our Jewish community. A new Charlie Parker exhibit at the American Jazz Museum celebrates his 100th birthday. A “drive-in” concert featuring the great sax player Bobby Watson is a reminder that music brings together our wonderfully diverse community to celebrate jazz — this great Black art form. Shabbat study and prayer brings us together in community with great discussion and moments for spiritual reflection.

Notwithstanding the external ups and downs, we all just have those moments. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break, to give ourselves time for “those moments.” But we also know we need to re-engage. There are important elections coming up on August 4. We have the opportunity to give greater access to health care for Missourians with a yes vote on 2, and the obligation to preserve clean and fair government with a no vote on 3.  

I look forward to re-engaging in the important work to come, for both our Kol Ami community and the broader community. I do so knowing that I have the blessing of being a part of our Kol Ami family, to be there in times of joy and in times of challenge. 

Wed, September 23 2020 5 Tishrei 5781