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Rabbi's Week In Review - 01/04/2021

01/04/2021 03:33:40 PM


As a small, tightknit congregation, we have the opportunity for greater connection. Even amidst a pandemic, we have found ways to be together, if only virtually. Commensurate with this greater connection, we also feel loss more acutely.

This past week, we shared loss with the death of our beloved Gary Kretchmer. Gary exemplified what it means to be connected in community. His consistent participation in our weekday-morning service and study was a blessing to all of us who are regulars for the Zoom service. The truth is, if not for the pandemic, we would not have instituted our weekday-morning Zoom services. If not for our Zoom weekday-morning services, we would not have had the blessing of Gary’s regular presence in our lives these last few months.

For those who are Royals fans, the analogy that comes to mind is Hal McRae and the designated-hitter rule. When the rule was instituted for the American League in 1973, no one thought this experiment would last. It was Hal McRae’s impact on the game as a full-time designated hitter that has established it firmly in baseball to this day.

Gary likewise taught us the importance of having a Zoom service on weekday mornings. (Gary taught us many wonderful life lessons.) It is my hope and anticipation that even after this pandemic is behind us, G-d willing, we will continue to offer an opportunity every morning to be together with each other, and for each other. In addition to what it does for us, we have the opportunity to honor Gary’s memory by staying connected through our morning service.

May Gary’s memory always be for a blessing, and may Sheryl and family find comfort from our Congregation Kol Ami family in the days and weeks to come.

Wed, January 20 2021 7 Shevat 5781