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Rabbi's Week In Review - 4/12/2021

04/12/2021 02:31:14 PM


I was interviewed by Tablet magazine this week for an article they are researching on the increase in converts to Judaism. Two days later, I met with one of our wonderful conversion candidates. Among the many rewarding experiences that have come with being rabbi at Congregation Kol Ami is working with our conversion candidates.

Choosing to seek out a Jewish life is a decision that generally comes after much thought.  Those who choose to make that commitment come with insatiable curiosity to know more and to engage with our sacred text. One of the attractive elements of Judaism is the opportunity not just to ask questions but to persistently question. The enthusiasm that has come with the desire to know more and to question injects new life into our congregation community.

I am also proud of how our Kol Ami family has responded to our converts. We continue to be a most welcoming community, not putting our conversion candidates through some sort of unspoken test but welcoming them from the get-go, so they know early on what it will feel like to be part of our wonderful community.

My hope and expectation are that we will always be a place for spiritual seekers. That those who come into our community anew will be a source of inspiration for all of us, and continually breathe new life and new learning into Kol Ami.

Sat, May 8 2021 26 Iyyar 5781