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Rabbi's Week In Review - 6/14/2021

06/14/2021 02:22:58 PM


It is wonderful to be together with people we have not seen for so long, and that includes the occasional hug. At the same time, there is still a struggle to know the right way to act in relation to the pandemic. When do we wear a mask? Is it really OK to be back together in person? Should we only be together when we can be outside?

I do believe in the efficacy of the vaccines — that they are working not only to keep those of us who have received vaccines from getting sick but also to prevent the spread of the virus to others. Yet, I understand the hesitancy of some to just dive back into close social contact.

While I wish there was more firm guidance about the right thing to do, I think the important piece is to be mindful and respectful of those who have a different approach. When I go into a grocery store or restaurant, I put on a mask if staff members are still wearing their masks. For us at Kol Ami, we are still trying to figure it all out. We will try whenever possible to offer a virtual alternative when we gather inside.  

I always welcome feedback on what your concerns may be as we move forward. Also, I still urge everyone who has not received a vaccine (and is eligible to receive a vaccine) to get one. They are free, and many places are offering the vaccine without the need to make an appointment.

Finally, I will be reaching out to all in our Congregation Kol Ami family to find a time to meet. There are many whom I have not seen in some time, and I would love to just catch up. You are welcome to contact me as well to set up a time to meet —

Fri, July 30 2021 21 Av 5781