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Rabbi's Week In Review - 8/9/2021

08/09/2021 01:47:39 PM


As I write this, we enter the month of Elul, the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The entire month is designated as a time to ready ourselves for what takes place during the 10 days from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur — the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe.  

During those 10 days, we engage in Cheshbon HaNefesh, an accounting of our souls. It is a time to offer apologies to those we have wronged over the past year, and reflect on how we can do better in the coming year (and also what we did right in the previous year). All of this affords us the opportunity to reconnect with one another. Having lived in some isolation with a pandemic, this process of reconnection has never been more important.

I have started that process by reaching out to our Kol Ami family to set up meetings. If you have not heard from me yet to set up a meeting, I am making my way through the alphabet, a few at a time. In the meantime, you do not have to wait for me to contact you. I encourage you to send me an email with a few dates/times when you could meet.

I also encourage everyone to reach out to someone you may not have seen for some time. It is one of the blessings of Congregation Kol Ami that our smaller size affords us the opportunity to be connected more closely in ways that cannot be maintained in a larger congregation. Let us take advantage of the month of Elul to put us in the best position possible to go forward for a happy and meaningful new year.

Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782