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Rabbi's Week in Review - 2/7/2023

02/07/2023 11:18:01 AM


A short blog this week with a simple message — really a message and a reminder, as much for me as for anyone else. Among the mitzvot we read about this week in our Torah’s recitation of the Ten Commandments is our instruction to remember and keep Shabbat.

My message is not so much an admonition to be strict in observing the halakhically prohibited acts on Shabbat. More than that, it’s the simple idea of honoring this gift from G-d by utilizing the gift.  

Take some time for yourself to rest but also to contemplate what is really important in our lives. Set aside time to do something special for yourselves and those you love, and to connect within a community of safety and hope. Carve out a place to make it different from the rest of the week. In so doing, you may find yourself getting closer to what an idyllic world may look like and, while working for that better world, experience some good for yourself as you journey forth.

Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784