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Rabbi's Week in Review - 4/10/2023

04/10/2023 04:12:25 PM


For many years now (excluding the Covid-lockdown years), we have held an annual Congregation Kol Ami second-night Passover seder. Not only has it been a great opportunity to bring many of our congregants together to celebrate a central holiday — really the most celebrated of all the Jewish holidays on our calendar — but it also has served an important role in welcoming others into our community.

I do not think it is an overstatement to say this was, to date, our best congregational Passover seder. I felt a real sense of joy in the room, of connection as a community, and meaning. For me, sharing the holiday with “our regulars,” new faces to Kol Ami and longtime congregants who are just returning to Kol Ami made this Pesach special for me. 

This would never be possible without our Kol Ami volunteers. Not only have they put in many, many hours to give us a meaningful and joyous Passover, but they also have shown great creativity in putting the evening together and sensitivity in presenting a most inclusive sacred space befitting a Kol Ami event.

First and foremost, thank you to Brad for putting it all together and leading us. Thanks to Ellen, Wynne and Pat for all of your work and leadership; to Ray, as chair of our Worship Committee;  to Lara, for always bringing meaningful music to all we do; to Mallory, Lara, Dan and Fay, for your wonderful food; to Sheryl, Rod, Sierra and Katie for not hesitating to pitch in, for all of your work before and after the seder.

If I left someone out, I apologize. A final thank you to everyone who attended and participated.  You all created a sacred community for prayer, for learning (yes, for eating), and to have a moment for some joy and fun in our lives.

To all, I am grateful. Pesach is still my favorite holiday, and this year, you made it even better.

Mon, December 11 2023 28 Kislev 5784