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Rabbi's Week in Review - 6/12/2023

06/12/2023 10:16:18 PM


We had a wonderful service this past Shabbat at the Manheim Community Garden. Every time we are out in the garden, it is a gift for us and a valuable contribution to our community.

Some thank-yous as I reflect back on our Shabbat time together. Thanks to Steve and Linda Sackin for being instrumental (as in, it would have never happened nor continue to happen without them) in all that is good about the Manheim Garden. Thanks to Roberta Solomon for not only your own spirit but also for bringing your beautiful mother Dorothy’s memory to the garden, which will always be imbued with her memory. Thanks to Jenna Brofsky for sharing your Isaac with us — we learn much, and our spirits are raised by experiencing the garden through the eyes and spirit of your wonderful child.

As if time in the garden was not enough, this past weekend was also the Pride Festival. Kol HaKavod, congrats and thank you to Brad Ordo and all of the good people of Ga’avah KC for being the beautiful and needed voice for the Jewish LGBTQ+ community. So important that the Jewish community is represented at Pride, and that we all take time this month to honor, stand with and fight for the queer community, which has been targeted with hate and cruel legislation.  As it was said recently, the leading cause of death amongst our children is not drag queens reading to children …

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