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Rabbi's Week in Review - 8/7/2023

08/07/2023 10:53:56 PM


We were inundated with news and commentary this past week regarding the Trump indictment(s). I have to admit to being a bit of a legal wonk about this stuff, notwithstanding that it has been decades since I have actively practiced law or have even taken a continuing legal education course. It comes out in me regarding issues about the overarching importance of the rule of law in our country (also an issue of vital importance as the judicial system in Israel comes under threat), the process by which criminal indictments are prosecuted, what is or is not proper conduct of a criminal defendant, the competency of the judge, etc.

While I do believe that no one is above or beyond the rule of law, and that it is the responsibility of prosecuting attorneys to hold people responsible for their criminal conduct, I take a different concern out of the past week. My concern is what we are not talking about. There was no discussion of issues that impact people’s lives — climate change, racism, homophobia (particularly attacks by state legislators against the transgender community), reproductive rights and other healthcare-access issues, economic inequality, real solutions that would lead to a fair and compassionate immigration policy, gun violence, education.  

It isn’t just that the news is clogged with Trump. When was the last time he gave any statements or expressed any policy position on these issues? Regardless of whatever opinions I hold regarding the three indictments on multiple felony counts (and still counting), the real question is who in positions of government leadership are concerned about all who call the United States home, rather than being focused only on their own individual welfare.  

Let us not be distracted from what matters most. As we look to our judicial system for accountability for criminal conduct, let us do our part to hold those who hold positions of leadership in our government accountable to make lives better across our country, and our world.

Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784