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Rabbi's Week in Review - 9/20/2023

09/20/2023 08:03:10 AM


As I write this during the Yamim Noraim, the Ten days of Awe, I am listening to an interview with three military veterans. These heroes are talking about their fear of the direction our country is moving — a movement toward an authoritarian government and away from our democracy. They see the threat to our democracy as an existential threat to our existence. As such, they have announced an effort amongst our military leaders named “Operation Save Democracy.”

These heroes of our military all talked about the oaths that they and anyone holding public office take — an oath to defend the Constitution, not an oath to kings or queens and not an oath to any one person or to any one political party.

Next week on Yom Kippur, I will be talking about the threats to democracy, both here in the United States and in Israel. Particularly as Jews, we have throughout our history known how authoritarian regimes have demonized, scapegoated and attacked Jews.  

I truly believe that during our history as Jews living in the United States, we have been exemplary citizens. Let us have the strength to continue our work as U.S. citizens, to do all that is in our power to preserve democracy. As we have always known, throughout history democracy has been fragile, and it can quickly come under threat without the involvement of good people. Let it not be said that democracy in America died under our watch.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784