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Rabbi's Week in Review - 1/8/2024

01/08/2024 03:40:02 PM


The main feature of my past week was contracting Covid for the second time. Thank G-d, the symptoms were not too serious, and I know I’ll be fine. However, it did make me (if only temporarily) a bit of a pariah in the community. Nobody says it quite like that, and it’s very temporary. At the same time, I kept thinking how Miriam and others were banished from the encampment during 40 years wandering in the wilderness.

For me, it was missing Shabbat at Kol Ami and a wedding I had looked forward to officiating for a very long time. That both events did just fine without me added to my feeling of displacement.  (As much as I like my downtime to myself, you shouldn’t leave me alone for too long.)

It has made me think how those who suffer more long-term illnesses can feel a sense of being ostracized from the community. I am gratified that the Kol Ami community has a good track record of reaching out to those who have suffered more debilitating illness.  

So as I thank all those who extended well-wishes for my recovery, we also can take time to re-energize ourselves to be cognizant of those who may feel displaced from our community due to illness. We wish those who suffer illness a R’fuah Sh’leimah, Rufat HaNefesh, Rufat HaGuf — a complete healing, a healing of spirit and body. Even when complete physical healing is not attainable, we can do what we can to lift up someone’s spirit.

Thu, February 29 2024 20 Adar I 5784