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Rabbi's Week in Review - 4/1/2024

04/01/2024 03:25:35 PM


Fay and I saw a wonderful movie last week, The Taste of Things. A gourmet, Dodin, and his cook, Eugenie, develop a beautiful romance over 20 years, with food being at the center of their lives. The dialogue is sparse, but it is the sounds made in the cooking involved and the spectacular meals (extravaganzas involving many, many courses) that take center stage in the film.

While we longed for smell-a-vision, as well as just a taste of...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 3/25/2026

03/25/2024 01:59:52 PM


In the past week, there have been a number of articles showing up regarding both the state of Judaism and the state of our world. It is the changing nature of both that caught my attention.  

As to Judaism, it is the suggestion by Noah Feldman that Judaism, particularly with younger Jews, is leaning away from the nationalism represented by our attachment to Israel and toward a more personalized, spiritual attachment to...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 3/18/2024

03/18/2024 12:40:40 PM


Last week, Fay and I attended another of the Trailblazing Talks, the speaker series at the Kauffman Center, this one titled “From Sandlots to Stadiums.” The featured presenter was sports photographer Jean Fruth. This followed the previous week’s program presented by the Jewish Experiences program through The J and Jewish Federation, featuring the great sports (and particularly baseball) writer Joe Posnanski. The program took place at...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 3/11/2024

03/11/2024 01:07:44 PM


I came across an article Sunday from The Washington Post, really an excerpt from the book To Be a Jew Today: A New Guide to G-d, Israel, and the Jewish People, by Harvard law professor Noah Feldman. The very, very short point of the article is that we are a loving yet sometimes dysfunctional family. According to Feldman, this is the basis for the present acrimony within the Jewish community toward the Israel-Palestine...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 3/4/2024

03/04/2024 04:08:51 PM


This past Shabbat morning, a group of us Kol Ami-nicks got up at the crack of dawn and headed to our state capital of Jefferson City. We celebrated Shabbat together and then, as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel z”l said, we prayed with our feet. As part of a kickoff event for the Poor People’s Campaign, we held a rally in the rotunda of the Capitol.  

This was a kickoff to an effort of the next weeks and months to register...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 2/27/2024

02/27/2024 09:49:50 AM


Fay and I were in New York over the weekend. We had a wonderful time being with family and friends, seeing great theater and art, and eating way too much. We saw an interesting exhibit at the Jewish Museum by Argentine artist Marta Minujin. She is known for her soft sculptures, performance art and happenings.

The write-up on the exhibit indicated that she is Jewish. There was nothing in the exhibit, however, that would strike one as...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 2/19/2024

02/19/2024 03:29:49 PM


For the next couple of weeks, I will be providing information on an important event taking place March 2 in Jefferson City, Mo. I would be more than remiss, however, if I did not make some mention of the horrific shooting that took place at the end of the Chiefs Super Bowl celebration.

I, like many with whom I have spoken, have feelings of both sadness and anger. Sadness over life lost and lives irreparably changed for worse, due to...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 2/12/2024

02/12/2024 05:40:49 PM


I write this as I bask in the glow of the Chiefs Super Bowl win. As a lifelong Kansas Citian and having the opportunity as a kid to go to Chiefs’ games in the old Municipal Stadium, at 22nd and Brooklyn, it takes me back to experiences shared over Chiefs, Royals and KU (mostly basketball) with family and friends.

There is much to critique about professional sports, particularly in the case of the Chiefs — the physical dangers of...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 2/5/2024

02/05/2024 04:06:33 PM


I had the chance to have breakfast this past week with a valued friend, the Rev. Dr. Rodney Williams. As always, the conversation was far-ranging, catching up on the personal, the work of our respective congregations, and our shared work in pursuing justice.  

How we approach our various relationships seems to be a topic that crosses all facets of our lives. More specifically, whether the way we and others engage is done...Read more...

Rabbi's Week in Review - 1/29/2024

01/29/2024 03:05:48 PM


To say that 2024 is an important year for our country is an understatement. I feel that there has never been a more crucial time for the future of the United States in my lifetime.

Recently, two things have reminded me of the urgency of the moment. One was the announcement of a campaign to seek an amendment to the Missouri Constitution, ensconcing abortion as a right. Over the next few months, there will be efforts to put this to...Read more...

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784